Radical Pedagogy

Radical Pedagogy (2016)

Volume 13 Issue 2

ISSN: 1524-6345

Shut the F#$%* Up: Forty Years of Student Writing in an Anonymous Forum

Michelle Yeo

Academic Development Centre

Mount Royal University, Canada508

E-mail: myeo@mtroyal.ca

Julie Booke

Department of Health and Physical Education

Mount Royal University, Canada

E-mail: jbooke@mtroyal.ca

Alice Swabey

Mount Royal University Library

Mount Royal University, Canada

E-mail: aswabey@mtroyal.ca


     Student newspapers provide us with a unique perspective on student life at colleges and universities. One virtually unstudied element of the student paper is the once commonly found anonymous classified ad section. This study uses a discourse analysis approach to examine 40 years of anonymous student ads at one university, and applies previous theoretical analysis of graffiti as a communication form as a framework for understanding the ads. Seen through these lens, this forum of student communication reveals a trend toward the commodification of education, along with powerful dynamics of aggression and control, sexual domination, and the silencing of voices on the university campus.

     Keywords: higher education, student experience, student newspapers,

                       discourse analysis, graffiti, power and control