Radical Pedagogy

Radical Pedagogy (2014)

Volume 11 Issue 2

ISSN: 1524-6345

The Road Not Taken: John Dewey and Sentences as Limit Situations

Sarah Stanley

University Writing Director, English Department                                               

University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA

E-mail: sstanley2@alaska.edu


     In J. Dewey’s book How We Think (1933), the metaphor for critical thinking presented is a “forked road.” The subject critically acts by observing, analyzing, and then selecting a route, or making a decision. In Deweyian theory, reasons are tied to judgment, which is essential to experience. The goal of this essay is to establish writing as critical thinking, as a result of the process of writing toward and then negotiating these thickly forked-roads, or what Freire (2000) understands as limit, situations.

     Keywords: John Dewey, experience, critical thinking, critical writing