Radical Pedagogy

Radical Pedagogy (2014)

Volume 11 Issue 1

ISSN: 1524-6345

Pinhasi-Vittorio & Ben-Yosef

A Quest for Re-Scripting the Narrative of Education Failure: Initial Steps in a Journey

Limor Pinhasi-Vittorio

Literacy Program Coordinator

Lehman College

Bronx, USA

Email: limor.pinhasi-vittorio@lehman.cuny.edu

Elite Ben-Yosef

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Department of Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education

Lehman College

Bronx, USA

Email: eliteby@aol.com


     This paper describes the experiences and reflections of two scholars as they began an ethnographic research project attempting to rethink and re-imagine possibilities of learning/teaching with highly vulnerable students in an inner city high school. The work is rooted in critical theory and presents ongoing reflection and action regarding the students’ as well as the researchers’ mindsets, practices and interactions.  Analysis of the data promoted the realization that voice in underrepresented groups resides in counter-narratives that must become part of the educational discourse in order for disenfranchised students to embrace school learning.

     Keywords: inner-city youth, literacy, counter-narratives, agents of care, trust, sharing

                       of stories, critical theories.