Radical Pedagogy
Radical Pedagogy (2013)

Volume 10 Issue 1

ISSN: 1524-6345

  Pavlick & McMillan

Higher Order Thinking and Civic Engagement: The Interdisciplinary Nature of Journalism

Kim Pavlick

Department of Communication

The University of Scranton

Pennsylvania, USA

E-mail: pavlickk2@scranton.edu

Laurie McMillan

Department of English

Marywood University

Pennsylvania, USA

E-mail: lmcmillan@marywood.edu


     This paper shows how a journalism boot camp goes far beyond simple professionalization of students. The Boot Camp, a partnership between two universities and the staff of a community newspaper, is interdisciplinary in nature as it focuses not only on writing but also photography, editing, ethics, interviewing, and other aspects of the news and media culture. The depth of thinking and the variety of disciplines that are interwoven in the Boot Camp engage students in ways that are often associated with the humanities rather than with a professional program. We thus argue that such programs are of great benefit as they offer journalistic training while also encouraging civic engagement, wedding the professional with the liberal arts.                                                                   
     Keywords: journalism, liberal arts, critical thinking, interdisciplinary,

                     community learning, civic, professional