Radical Pedagogy

Radical Pedagogy (2015)

Volume 12 Issue 1

ISSN: 1524-6345

Multiple Surveillance on the Digitized Campus

Lucas Melgaço

Department of Criminology

Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium

E-mail: lucas.melgaco@vub.ac.be


     This paper examines the rise of digital surveillance in educational spaces. More specifically, it demonstrates how numerous the agents, practices and technologies involved in the surveillance of a university campus are. The agents watching and being watched on a campus include: students, faculty, staff, visitors, neighbours, and the police, etc. Among the various practices and technologies, four main issues are analysed: video surveillance; identification and access; online surveillance; and administrative surveillance. Twenty semi-structured interviews were conducted at a medium-sized Canadian university, where the interviewees mainly comprised staff involved in administration, IT, and security. Although surveillance in educational spaces has generated rather a lot of literature in recent years, few scholars have demonstrated particular interest in the monitoring of higher education. Equally few are the publications that detail university surveillance as something multiple, a real “assemblage”.

     Keywords: surveillance, video surveillance, surveillant assemblage, universities,

                       Internet tracking, e-learning platforms