Radical Pedagogy

Radical Pedagogy (2013)

Volume 10 Issue 1

ISSN: 1524-6345


“SPTADUKIA”: Reality TV as a Teaching Tool

Leigh Ann Danzey-Bussell

Assistant Professor of Sport Management
University of West Georgia
Georgia, USA

E-mail: lbussell@westga.edu


     College professors must be cognizant of the ever-changing learning styles and expectations of students. Coates (2007) indicated the current generation of students is technology savvy, which affects communicating and learning.  Adding creative and challenging activities to traditionally taught courses adds another dimension of preparing students for real-world challenges. To accomplish this, professors must begin to embrace the paradigm shift from teaching (linear) to learning (constructed) (Barr & Tagg, 1995). One option to engage students is to incorporate games into the classroom. Sport Administration Ultimate Know It All (SPTADUKIA) is a game conceived to challenge students to put knowledge into practice.  SPTADUKIA was employed as a new way to engage students through gamesmanship in an effort to extend the traditional lecture-based classroom and stimulate decision making and critical thinking skills. This paper discusses how SPTADUKIA impacted student learning and how gamesmanship can be an effective teaching tool.                                          

     Keywords: SoTL; active learning; games; graduate students; application of